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Innovative Glare Reduction

“Today’s high end hunting and shooting optics are excellent for most situations but can lose effectiveness in scenarios with excessive light.   The large objectives of firearm optics are developed to make the scope gather light in low light situations. Unfortunately, in situations where a lot of light is present, large objectives can create a visible glare when looking through the scope and/or they can create a reflection alerting your intended target of your presence.  OP-TEX  scope caps are the solution to these problems.  They are designed to fit over the objective opening of the scope. OP-TEX’s patent pending design appears to cover the entire scope objective, but the small hole in the middle allows for a clear view of your down range target without allowing any glare visible to you or your intended target.”

Will Evans,
President of PRO-TEX Outdoors, LLC
Creator of OP-TEX